About Us

evaladezHey nice to meet you, my name is Ezequiel Valadez Jacinto. I’am a Omaha, Nebraska resident and proud father of four beatuiful kids, also a big Huskers fan! I been in the internet marketing game for over ten years now. I started off in the MLM then moved on to the affiliate marketing scene making my first few bucks in various niches.

I have also helped many friends of local companies build websites and launch successful businesses online. After a few years of making a full time living as a affiliate internet marketer I started Custom Affiliations Dot Com as more of project creation process system for my very own affiliate sites. I figured out a EASY, fast and effective system to create hot selling affiliate products.

I get approached everyday by many people in  my community to help them with there online presence and many of them can’t afford my services. I hate saying no to people who genuinely do need help, so I started to work on joint venture plans. By selecting clients who I could hook up there services or products to an affiliate program I would get recompense for my  would be free help.

I have experienced many situations that would make the average person just give up, but that is not me. I have to started all over several times but I still keep going, I like to think whatever may have set me back, well it was worth the set back after I learned what I hadn’t know before. From security hacks to SEO updates I had to learn the hard way but I get the job done right.